Thursday, December 27, 2012

Sante Kimes and Kenny Kimes Timeline

A Short Timeline of the crimes of Sante and Kenny Kimes
by Traciy Curry-Reyes

The case Kimes case made national attention because Sante Kimes involved her own son Kenny in her crimes. The Kimes' were involved in all sorts of criminal activity from insurance scams to property fraud and robbery and murder. Sante had raised Kenny to be a criminal since he was just a little boy. Sante Kimes was the kind of person who set out to get what she wanted no matter who it belonged to.

1998 Los Angeles California: Businessman David Kazdin is murdered by Sante and Kenny Kimes for threatening to expose their crimes. His body was found in the trunk of his car.

1998 New York City: Sante and Kenny target a wealthy socialite by the name Irene Silverman. They pretend to be in business together, and they plot to steal Silverman's property. They take out a lease in Ms. Silverman's building, and she has no idea that they are criminals, and she definitely does not know that they plan to kill her. From the time they move in, they begin plotting how they would take Silverman's property. They start by forging property deeds, and then they began planning her disappearance. Irene Silverman became aware that something was very wrong with her new tenants. One day when Irene was in the building alone they were able to take control of her by using a stun gun, and then Kenny Kimes murdered her. After murdering Irene Silverman, they most likely hid her very small body in a suit case and carried her out of her building in broad daylight. The next day they are arrested on unrelated charges. When the FBI searches their vehicle they find wigs, masks, guns, rope, and the forged property deeds. They also found a large sum of cash. Irene Silverman's body is never found.

2000: The Kimes' are convicted of more than 60 criminal counts including murder. Sante was sentenced to 125 years in prison, and Kenny was sentenced to 120 years.


According to Sante Kime's other son, Kent, she was the most fun mother any child could ever want. She was adventurous, funny, and always the life of the party. She was also charismatic, elegant, and exciting. Kent remembered his mother as a glamorous woman who liked to live the high life. But, she was also evil. And one could never know when she would become violent and controlling. At the drop of a hat she would just change, and to a child watching this, it was very scary. She was known to mistreat her staff. The housekeepers, mostly Hispanic immigrants, were often locked up and kept as slaves in her home. She was very abusive to them. She was finally arrested in 1985 for slavery. By the time his mother was arrested in 1985, Kent was out of the house, but his little brother Kenny was just a little boy. It was actually very sad to see how impressionable Kenny was. From that point on Sante taught him how to lie and steal. Kent Kimes regrets ever leaving his brother with his mother.

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